The Truth About Email Marketing

It lives! Email marketing, contrary to what some may believe, is indeed a valuable tool for lead generation. In fact, according to HubSpot, 89% of marketers have said that email is their primary source of lead generation. Not to mention that for every $1 spent on email marketing, there is an average return of $44.25! In order to get the most out of your email marketing, follow this checklist:

  1. Research
    1. Know who your target is so that you can tailor your content to your customer personas.
  2. Personalize
    1. Include things like the recipients name to improve open rates
  3. Keep subject short
    1. It should summarize the email contents and grab attention.

These are great guidelines to email marketing, but you might be interested in something a little more in depth. In that case, Constant Contact has you covered! Here are 10 tips for email marketing that will allow you to make the best email marketing plan possible:

  • Send emails to people that know who you are. Those who don’t know you won’t open your email; it’ll get instantly deleted, or worse, marked as spam so they will never see another email from you again!
  • Treat your contacts like people. You want to build relationships! You can do this by sending additional information about your business to new customers, and send rewards and special offers to your long-term customers.
  • Send relevant content with value. You can look at email reports to see which emails are generating the most clicks so that you can optimize your content.
  • Engage your audience. You have to know your audience! Make sure you have a content strategy and good information on your customer personas.
  • Maximize your delivery rate. Keep an eye on your bounce reports to make sure emails are being delivered.
  • NEVER share your email list! Your customers trust you with their information; don’t damage your reputation!
  • Set expectations. When customers give you their email, they expect they will receive something of value. Make sure you have a customized email sign-up form that tells them what they can expect to receive from you, how often, and what others have gotten out of your emails.
  • Keep up that professionalism. Make sure your email looks professional, clean, and on brand with your company.
  • Review results often. Keep an eye on your analytic reports to see which emails are garnering the most clicks, open rates, etc.
  • Go beyond the inbox. Integrate your other communication channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) by adding things like social media buttons to all of your emails.

With 95% of consumers using email, it allows you to reach a large amount of people AND to be highly personal with them. This gives marketers the opportunity to convey value to the consumers and to make them realize that email marketing does NOT mean spam! It works for all stages of the inbound marketing method, from attracting new visitors to nurturing leads into customers. One company that does email marketing extremely well is the e-commerce site ModCloth. You know how we just talked about including programs for loyal customers as well as information for new customers? ModCloth sent out emails containing information on their referral program, informing customers that didn’t know they could introduce new friends to get $10 off their purchase, as well as reminding loyal customers to continue to share them with their friends to receive benefits. Furthermore, they’re extremely candid with their customers, emailing them things like how they changed their email policy to inform their customers that they now had more email preference options as all as an updated privacy policy. This conveys honesty from the retailer and makes the customers feel as if they are being treated as people and not just email addresses. ModCloth also personalizes their emails! Who wouldn’t want to take a fun quiz to find out which fashion items fit you best? What a fun way to engage their audience, promote clicks and convey value. They also include social media buttons to “share” the content.


They’ve also integrated email into their website as the FIRST THING that gets you when you visit. They have this screen that pops up when you first get to the website:

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 11.05.23 AM

Who wouldn’t want to get a $20 off code emailed to them? Granted, you have to spend $100 to use it, but on a site where one dress could be more than that, it’s pretty easy to do. Now your email will be in their database and they can send you more offers, information on sales, etc. I think that offering a promotion like this to gain email addresses is brilliant; clearly the customer feels like they will use the $20 off of $100 if they sign up, which means they are no doubt a serious customer and will therefore benefit from emails from ModCloth. Furthermore, they include a friendly statement on privacy so that you know your email is safe, as well as the classic “Join with Facebook” button that integrates their profile with the site. Personally, I think that in this case, they should leave out the social media option as people may decide to sign up with that instead, therefore not having to enter their email because as we’ve seen, email tends to me more effective than social media for businesses. All in all though, ModCloth is an excellent example of email marketing done right!

Email away!


One response to “The Truth About Email Marketing

  1. The bulk of this post is a list of tips taken from the reading. How does email marketing relate to previous topics, A/B testing, content management, copy writing, and strategy? How do you acquire good emails? What about CTR? Bounce rates? What does it all mean for the firm? You should be showing that you understand how all the pieces fit together.


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