Learning to Code as a Digital Marketer

I hope to become a marketer who is well-rounded enough that I don’t have to rely on the helping hand of programmers. To do this, learning to code and being able to read this language is a must. You’ve all heard it a million times…that we live in a time where computers are everything. Alan Turing’s Pilot Ace computer video stresses how much computers have transformed every single day of our lives, from when we turn our car on to go to work, to the work we actually to, to when we do our laundry at night in machines that now have built in computers.

To learn how to become a master coder, I started classes on codecademy, a free online service that provides lessons in how to code. It’s awesome because it actually tells you if you completed the lesson right, or if there’s something missing in your code, taking it beyond just tutorial videos to actual teaching. It starts out fairly easy, with fundamentals of HTML like how to set up the skeleton of a page and do things like add images, links, paragraphs, and titles. Below is an example picture of my first lesson.

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 9.51.07 AM

Codecademy than goes on to explain elements like building your own webpage, how to create different kinds of lists, and how to change the elements of your writing such as color and font style, and so on. The lessons are straightforward with great examples, and while it takes a bit of time, it’s definitely worth it.

Another good investment of your time is the posting by Nautilus Magazine called “Moore’s Law Is About to Get Weird“. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Moore’s Law, it’s the observation that about every two years, the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles (which is pretty crazy to think about). The idea of chemical computing is introduced here, which is like a chemical reaction, but information can be read out in the concentrations of the chemicals at certain locations. It’s good for computing problems with a lot of possibilities (so it could compute possibly millions of times more data), although it is much slower than using electric circuits. Its simplistic design, however, is a big reason to why it could become a large competitor to machines based on conventional hardware.

Wetware computing is a form of organic computing that uses living cells. Their versatility due to their variations in response is an asset if you can control the responses, which is very difficult. William Ditto, a biomedical engineer, says that it is possible to control, and that he found a way to use this sensitivity in the cell to follow a pattern easily. He also started developing neuron-inspired silicon chips with high security levels to keep information from hackers because of the way the chip consumers power.

Personally, ideas like this blow my mind and make me feel like I’m living inside of Star Trek. But rewind 20 years ago and the technology we have today would probably make me think the same thing, which is why, as digital marketers, it’s important for us to stay up to date and not stuck on flip-phones like our parents. Constant learning is a must!

Live long and prosper.


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