What I Can Do for You as Your Digital Marketer

The time is near! Two degrees and five years later, I only have one more quarter left until I’m officially done with school and ready to enter the “real world”. After many Psychology and Marketing classes, I have to say that nothing I’ve taken has quite matched up to what is now my favorite class of all-time, the class that this whole blog was for: Digital Marketing.

Unfortunately, while we learn A LOT in school, there usually isn’t a large amount of real-world application included in our lessons. That’s what I loved most about this class…that all of our lessons were based off of applicable articles, video chats with digital marketing professionals, and exams that were actual certification tests. Speaking of certification tests, did I mention I am now officially Hootsuite, Inbound Marketing (through HubSpot), AND Google Analytics certified?!

hootsuite hubspotScreen Shot 2015-03-11 at 10.53.25 PM

But all of this means nothing if I can’t apply what I’ve learned. Fortunately, writing multiple blog posts every week and taking extensive class notes tends to cement information into one’s brain. For instance, I can tell you that Google Analytics works by collecting, processing, configuring, and reporting data and that it can tell you some pretty cool stuff, like which campaigns bring the most traffic and conversions (and which don’t!), information about what people are searching on your website by using the Site Search Feature, geographical information about your visitors, when people might abandon their online shopping carts, bounce rates to optimize your landing pages, and goal reports that tells you about your identified micro and macro conversions.

I can tell you that inbound marketing is all about converting visitors into customers, and that the reason it’s even around is because of things like this blog; everyone is connected online! It’s also awesome because it has a unique effect: overtime, as you make investments, those investments continue to have higher and higher rates of return without you having to put in more and more effort. I can also tell you that why A/B testing is like a cage match; because you send your champion (version A of a landing page, for instance) out to duke it out with several challengers (version B and C) and make them fight to the death. The winner is ultimately the one who lives (or the one who converts the most visitors into customers).

I can explain to you what makes a high quality landing page (the offer!) and that email marketing is NOT dead and how you can use it optimally to obtain the highest open and cilck-through rates. Or I could do a little basic coding for you (thanks Codecademy!) and use that to make a website search engine optimized. And while I feel as if I’ve only scratched the surface for many of these things, I also feel like I have a much better understanding than most of my peers on all things digital marketing, and can guarantee that the learning process will continue for however long I’m in the industry.

I’d like to share a few fun facts about this blog since its inception. So far, I’ve had over 150 views, just under 100 visitors, and various likes and comments. And I’ve written a whopping 14,800 words across all 15 of my posts. I saw a pretty drastic spike on my late February posts, probably because that’s when Socedo featured me as a guest blogger on their website (how cool is that?!), so I had a larger amount of traffic coming through due to their extensive network of followers. Most people referred to my blog came through Twitter (which isn’t surprising considering that’s what I used most to shamelessly promote myself) as well as from Socedo’s blog and my LinkedIn profile.

I plan to keep posting about relevant digital marketing insights, but will probably be tailoring it more towards my area of interest. If you didn’t notice, I used fashion examples in a lot of my previous posts and would like to continue using these examples as visuals for digital marketing applications. But don’t worry, it won’t turn into a Who Wore It Best type of blog; I just hope you don’t mind the occasional reference to Free People or Benefit Cosmetics.

Thanks to all my readers for taking time to check out my posts, and to my teacher Mark for an awesome quarter!


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